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Social Media Marketing in Uganda

Public social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Instagram and Friendster can be valuable sales, marketing and support tools if you know how to effectively apply them for your business.

You can now conduct more effective and targeted marketing campaigns through popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.The Social Media Set Up & Customization package is our base package of which all other services we offer are built upon. Using the two most common social media platforms for social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter, we will create, customize, tweak and provide basic training on how to use these tools most effectively.We are the leading social media digital marketing company in Kampala,Uganda.

What happens during Social media marketing

Social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are hugely popular platforms which are easily accessible to anyone at no cost. As such, there are millions of consumers who are active on such sites, opening doors for business owners to utilize the opportunity to increase their brand awareness and to communicate with their target consumers. Moreover, social media sites are relatively inexpensive platforms to conduct marketing campaigns, making it feasible for organizations of various sizes to compete on common ground.

Here’s what social media marketing can achieve for you:

Reach out to target consumers Strong branding through profile pages, messages, social media contentSocial Media Marketing Better customer service, e.g. direct response to customer complaints Receive feedback from consumers directly Easily broadcast updates, announcements, news etc. Effective and viral promotional campaigns Online advertising which can get spread around from user to user

This Package Includes:

Creation of Facebook and Twitter accounts Tweaking of each account to best suit your organization's needs Theming of each account with custom graphics/landing pages Placing social media icons on your website Basic social media marketing strategy development to provide perspective on what to post about, when to post it, etc. Guidelines on best practices for social media marketing on each account One hour of training on how to best use these accounts for social media marketing purposes

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