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Javanet Systems is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Company with the primary objective to provide demand-driven quality solutions and business services for a range of clientele including the enterprise sector and non-governmental organizations. Click on item below to Download and get an indepth analysis about our company and of the varied sevices we have on offer;

Our Company Profile

Javanet Systems is driven by the desire to provide demand driven quality solutions and services to its clients.Browse herein below our company profile. Download

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Our goal is to work closely with clients; strategically enhancing their competencies to address the technological and organizational challenges.See more details herein Download

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No one size fits all. We have categorized our web design sizes into different packages.Browse herein to find an idea of where your design project needs might fall. Download

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions apply to all website/applications development and design services provided by Javanet Systems Limited to our clients. Download


Javanet Systems Ltd is a full-service Software,Moblile Applications, web development company and develops websites and applications as a services partner of many companies, other corporate and non-corporate entities and individuals. In this regard, we provide full using, access and ownership to direct and indirect clients. If any of these clients use their websites or applications to conduct illegal, immoral or fraudulent activities, we are in no way liable, as we do not have access to these sites/applications after delivery. Nonetheless, we undertake to notify such activities to relevant authorities whenever they are reported to us. Download

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Website Design
Website Development
Website Hosting
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Custom Software Development
Graphics Design
Web Strategy
ICT Consulting


We have noted with concern the association of our company name Javanet Systems Ltd,and that of its directors with dubious transactions such as gold scammers.

We are in the business of designing,developing and hosting websites/Mobile/software Applications.This does not in any way make us partners with the entities that contract us to do the said work.

We therefore reiterate our integrity and disassociate Javanet systems Limited and steven Ddungu it’s director from any dubious transactions arising from the use of the company’s work product.

We cannot and are not in any way or manner responsible for the content posted on the websites/Mobile/Software Applications we design and host or the business arising therefrom.

For further clarification please feel free to contact us.

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